Legends Acquisitions

Started by Brandon Henry and Jeff Short. Legends Acquisitions' system runs in an extensive network of individual advisors, deal finders, and companies focused on making deals happen together.

We understand the unique challenge of every transaction, and our goal is to provide custom-fit solutions for our clients to ensure that the deal is closed quicker and smoother.


Experienced industry professionals:

If you are a buyer with industry experience and are looking to expand your business or make your first acquisition, we are the right fit for you. We understand that you deeply understand your chosen industry and are seeking opportunities to grow and thrive. Our extensive network and expertise enable us to find, vet, and share the right deals that align with your specific acquisition goals and requirements.

Investors seeking quality deals:

If you are an investor with industry knowledge but are struggling to find quality deals to acquire and invest in, we can help. We specialize in locating high-quality businesses that meet your investment criteria. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures that the businesses we present to you are of the highest quality and have the potential for successful financing. With our hands-on approach, we will be by your side throughout the process to ensure a smooth and quick transaction.

First-time buyers needing customized solutions:

We understand that every transaction is unique and aim to provide custom-fit solutions for our clients. If you are looking for personalized assistance in finding and closing deals, we are the right fit. We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring that the deal is closed quicker and smoother. Whether you are a seasoned buyer or making your first acquisition, our dedicated team will provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.


Qualities we look for:

  • Privately-owned and profitable businesses
  • $1M - $100M in revenue
  • Business value between $500K and $100M*
  • Three or more full years of financials preferred

We do not sell:

  • Unprofitable businesses
  • Distressed businesses
  • Turnaround situations
  • Under-documented, unproven businesses (one full year in business is the absolute minimum)
  • Businesses in dying industries

*If your business is smaller than we usually accept, we can refer you to reputable business brokers. If your business is larger than we usually accept, we can refer you to specialty M&A firms.

About the Founders

In early 2023, a chance connection brought Jeff Short and Brandon Henry together, sparking a friendship fueled by the ambition and shared values. They soon realized that their meeting was meant for something greater.

The prevailing atmosphere in the business advisor world was one of cutthroat competition, where "Lone Wolf" advisors strove to devour the others. However, Jeff and Brandon firmly believed that this approach was flawed. They knew that business, like men, thrived on connections, networks, and collaboration.

Driven by their vision to reshape the landscape, they decided to create something extraordinary. This counter-movement would revolutionzie the way business is conducted. Legends Acquisitions emerged as a beacon of change as Jeff and Brandon set out to redefine the very essence of business consulting.

True success can only be achieved by bringing together a network of individual advisors, deal finders, and companies, all united by a shared purpose. By collaboriating with a network of advisors, deal finders, and companies, they can close the right deals for their clients faster, smoother, and more equitable. Legends Acquisitinos embodies this vision-a company that embraces the strength of teamwork and collaboration.

Jeff and Brandon seek to inspire a new generation of entrepeneurs and industry professionals with aspirational leadership, demonstrating that remarkable things can happen when business minds join forces.

Welcome to Legends Acquisitions, where we make deals happen, together.

Our Team Leaders

Managing Partner

Jeff Short

Jeff served the community for 13 years as a professional firefighter helping keep the community safe. In 2023, he partnered with Brandon in Legends Acquisitions and also as a self-funded searcher, he landed his first business acquisition with a home services company. Among his other notable endeavors, he is currently managing a roll-up in the home services industry.

In addition to his business experience, Jeff created A Father's Flame podcast where he promotes strong families and equips the future generations of America. Through the podcast, people learn wisdom regarding faith, family, finances, and fitness.

Managing Partner

Brandon Henry

The company’s Founder and CEO, Brandon Henry, has a unique combination of entrepreneurial, executive, leadership, and high-tech systems experience. As an advisor, he has utilized these attributes to create a first-of-its-kind business that systematically removes the mystery and obstacles associated with finding a business, financing, and buying the business you want, preparing your existing business for sale, and marketing your business efficiently to its next owner.

Brandon is a trusted and sought-after business advisor, involved in various industries such as Accounting/CPA, Architecture & Engineering (A&E) , E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Government Contracting, Home Services & funeral home industries to name a few.